The table Sioa is the newest character of our collection: it is an important piece because it is a dining table. Dining tables are one of the most important elements in a house interior design. The table SiOa, is all made of oak wood, with a nicely plated thick board to make it stable but with a nice solid edge. In the edge, the board does a subtle gesture to be thinner at the finishing. The structure that supports the main board it has a complex X design sistem, thought to make it simple and logic for the execution. The tilted legs, that are made with three tongued solid oak wood pieces, match perfectly with the one piece solid oak wood coming from the X structure. The form of the board is a combination of a elliptic and rectangular forms with the rounded corners that give to the table a unique and original look and where from 4 to 10 people can eat comfortably. The smooth finishing is done with a water based varnish. Dimensions: 180 cm length x 110 cm width x 72 cm height

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