Eventtrade is a peer-to-peer marketplace where users can rent or buy material from other professionals.

We created the platform with the idea of ​​nurturing a community among professionals who encounter the same problems in terms of production and with the goal of making things happen. We believe it is time to rethink the production of events, shootings etc.

Eventtrade seeks to maximize resources while promoting core values ​​of sustainability with the aim of creating a database of materials and resources built by the users themselves.

-Find material or equipment at fair prices and close to you. Upload the material you do not use and start making money with it. Event Trade also helps you maintain an understandable and easily accessible inventory.

-Pay safely only for the time you use the material. Use Eventtrade to communicate throughout the process.

-Find very competitive prices from professionals like you. Upload your material and amortize investments by renting, this promotes sustainable production values ​​such as reuse.

1. Upload all your material for free. Photograph your product in the best way possible

- Upload and  stock all your materials and equipment for free. Contribute with your knowledge to create a complete catalog.

-Good product photographs are the key to increasing your rental opportunities.

Follow this tips to improve your product photographs:

-Shoot against a white backdrop.

-Make photos close to a window with natural lighting

-Take photos from different angles: Users are more likely to rent a product if they can see it clearly.
-Remove the background: Leave your products with a clean, white background. This will give your warehouse a professional look.

If you have a very large inventory and need help to fix the price of your materials and equipment contact us we can help you out.


2. Book and organize the logistics


-Once you have agreed the conditions with the person who is renting your equipment you can start with the logistics.

-If the return is late we may charge the user  additionally, depending on the delay and the situation.

-It is important to give detailed feedback once you have completed each transaction. We’re building a community and ratings are a very important component of our improval.

-Negotiate regarding pickup and return dates (usually pickup and return days can be waived). You can set up a minimum period of rental. You can also arrange during your conversation, special discounts and longer rental periods.If you need help with the logistics please contact us.

-Materials will be marked as unavailable for the period they’re booked (once the transaction is successful) but can still be seen by others and they will be able to request them for other time periods.

Logistics must be arranged between renter and owner. We recommend you compare several options and choose what suits you best:

-Pickup at owner’s location

-Get your material delivered by the owner (when it applies)

-Hire a third party service (we’re happy to help you find one. Simply drop us a line)

If you’re renting many materials for a shooting or an event from different users in Eventtrade contact us and we can let you know if there’s an option to integrate a logistics package and arrange the transportation with one of our partners.

Don’t give up and get in touch! Our team of experts are always scouting new users with many interesting materials. Drop us a line, we can look for what you need and get in touch with you as soon as we have it.

We believe in pay per us. If you are thinking about selling your material or equipment you can use our platform as well. Our commission will continue to apply since we provide record of your conversations and transactions. We can also help you with logistics.

You can create an account for free. We will review all the information and notify you to be able to verify all profiles.

-Make beautiful photographs of your products.

-Be very specific and create a great description of your material. Make sure you specify anything that the renter might need to be aware of

-Respond as quick as possible to renters

-Be available during the period your gear is rented to solve any possible issues

-Have your equipment ready to use (maintenance done, clean, etc)

-Verify the renter’s ID when meeting

-Leave feedback and rating to help the Eventtrade community

-Respond as quick as possible to owners

-Always be on time to avoid extra charges or issues

-Respect the equipment while being rented

-Verify the owner’s ID when meeting

-Leave feedback and rating to help the Eventtrade community

Eventtrade does not cover the insurance, and will not assume any responsability in case of damage or theft.

It is recommended that each user have their materials insured if they intend to rotate them. On other hand, Eventtrade has a professional community with verified profiles to avoid misuse of materials.

If you want to hire insurance for your materials contact us at  help@eventtrade.com and we will help you to manage it.

We are working with insurance companies to be able to offer full coverage or installments in the rental of material.

It’s free to list your items at Eventtrade. 

In order to maintain the platform we charge the following fees:

  • For Owners: 15% of every transaction (3% of this fee goes to credit card charges)
  • For Renters / Buyers: 5% of every transaction

This fee is charged once the transaction is completed.

Owners are responsible for any taxes included in the listing price.

Please check the laws in your jurisdiction on how taxes are collected for you as an owner. As an owner you’re responsible for filing your taxes to the corresponding authorities. We recommend you contact the tax authority in order to learn the tax rate applied for renting your material or equipment.

As a renter you can request invoices from certain owners. Owners that can invoice you will have marked this option as they’re professionals with a tax ID that allows them to invoice you for the rent.

Eventtrade can also invoice you for the commission charged. Please send us your request with all the relevant data, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

If the owner canceled your booking, you can transfer your payment to a new Eventtrade transaction or request a refund.

If there’s an issue that hasn’t allowed you to receive or use the equipment or material and it is not resolved between renter and owner you need to contact us and we’ll do everything that’s in our hands to reach a resolution.

Some of the situations that could apply for getting a refund:

  1. -The owner fails to provide the material, equipment or access to it.
  2. -The material does not match with the listing or there’s something major that wasn’t mentioned on it.

  3. Eventtrade will either provide a full refund or will ensure you’re comfortable with booking other equipment or material in our platform
  4. To submit a valid refund claim you must:
  5. -Contact us within 24 hours from receiving the material
  6. -Made all possible efforts prior to the claim, to resolve the issue with the owner. You can use our messaging system to do so. It will allow us to have track of your conversations.
  7. -Document the issue with as much details, photographs as possible of what you’re claiming.
  8. -Respond as soon as possible to our questions for additional information.

At Eventtrade all the reviews are written by renters and owners from our community, that have managed to complete a transaction.

Once a transaction is completed you have up to 15 days to review your experience.

Reviews can be edited at any time and are a very important component of our community as they aim to help others make decisions. 

We request logical constructive information, honest and respectful reviews. Eventtrade will remove reviews that are unrelated to the booking of the equipment or material, as well as any content that is violent or threatening.

To cancel your account go to Profile -> Settings -> Click Cancel my account

When you cancel your account, any listing, contact or booking will be automatically cancelled.

Please contact us If you want to reopen a canceled account

We expect all Eventtrade users to be:

Helpful, polite, kind to new users, report inappropriate comments and respect intellectual/property rights.

Eventtrade will remove any review that is unrelated to the booking of the equipment or material. As well as any content that is violent or threatening.